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An Angel Dancing
by Kevin Nakao Nanaumi

my heart raced when i saw you dancing. 
the movements you made, so swift, so graceful, 
it was like your feet never touched the ground.

twisting and turning, as if you were dancing on ice.
your beauty lit up the room 
as if a million spotlights were turned on at the same time.

every step you took, brought a tear to my eye.
every smile you made, made my heart throb.
every word you say, makes me speechless.

i need some time, to catch my breath, 
because you took my breath away 
...the moment i saw you dancing.
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Poem ID: 29323   Poem Posted: 4/2/2000
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Copyright , 3/25/00, Kevin Nakao Nanaumi  all rights reserved by the author.
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