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I Wuz N Luv W/U
by Shadez  Productionz

     I tried 2 ignore my feelingz
   (didn't wanna make a fuss)
          but bein' n luv w/u
        I didn't wanna rush
      So I waited 4 my tyme
    a tyme when we could talk
        the day wuz finally here
    at least thatz wut I thought

       I poured my heart out 2 u
       I didn't give a damn
            but thru the shuffle
          u 4got just who I am
           I wuz n luv w/u
         nothing else mattered
      u were all I thought about
        but then my heart shattered

          U found sum1 else
   u believed sum1 other than me
     2 scared 2 give us a chance
   2 scared 2 let your feelingz b
       Y doez it hurt so much?
          am I just a fool n luv
      doez it have 2 b like this
         y can't I give u up?

          U say u understand
    that we have that... 'connection'
           if that iz the case
         y treat me az a weapon
    Something that'z bad 4 u
     u should put in a distant place
       yet, when u come around
  u won't even look me n the face

          I wuz n luv w/u, gyrl
       u know that it wuz tru
     I luved u unconditionally
         my heart wuz only 4 u
             Look at us now-
        I can't even get a call
     we used 2 b inseparable
 now I'm left alone 2 take the fall

    U say that u're set n your wayz
   u say that I should believe...
          damn w/your old wayz
         wut about u & me?
      Do u know how I really feel
  az u sit w/your guy?
             how doez it feel
 knowin' that your feelingz 4 me
           u have 2 hide

      When u make luv 2 him
         wut about that kiss?
         u know n your heart
      I'm the 1 u really miss
            I wuz n luv w/u
      I can't turn my feelingz off
              2 give up on u
         it'z harder than I thought

      The tearz get heavier
     the pain growz more 'ntense
       all I thynk of... iz u
        I'm emotionally spent
              I luv u baby
     I vow that it'z secured & tru
          just 2 let u kno
               I wuz n luv w/u.
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Poem ID: 19922   Poem Posted: 9/4/1999
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Copyright , 8/27/99, Shadez Productionz  all rights reserved by the author.
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