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The Seedling
by Kay Elaine Ekwall

              The seed of love
                    you've planted
                         in my heart....
              Where I thought
                    none could survive.

              Tiny roots spring forth,
                    surging, searching
                         for nourishment.
              Breaking apart
                    the hardness there.

              With tender care
                    you water it....
                         and watch it grow.
              The long, strong stem
                    bursts upward
              Fighting for life, and
                    finding your light.

              A bud, so fragile,
                    so determined
              Swells into fullness
                    filling my breast.
              Green healing leaves
                    reach out,
              Unfolding one by one
                    erasing our sadness.

              Soft, pink petals
                    as loving as you..
              Envelope my heart
                    finding completion.
              Glowing moon and stars
                    dim in comparison
              To the blossom
                    created by our love.
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Poem ID: 7842   Poem Posted: 9/29/1998
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Copyright , l998, Kay Elaine Ekwall  all rights reserved by the author.
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