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Holding Fast I Love
by Lucia Roxannie Mejia

I love to rush home to you and take comfort in knowing you live there,
I love that you know how beautiful I was when I was young with my long hair,
I love when we go out and you safely usher me through a crowd,
I love that you know after 8 at night I don?t like the TV being too loud,

She loves hearing your jokes, the same ones that made me fall in love with you,
She loves your take on the same talks we?ve had over what men are on earth to do,
She loves to talk with you all night, so when you come home- all you do is sleep,
She loves the smell of the new cologne, the very one I gave you last week,

I love the scent on your side of the bed,
I love your clothes hanging in your closet,
I love your work desk, the papers your write on, the pencils you use to draw,
I love looking at our children when these thoughts make my throat raw,

She loves how your soft kisses make her thoughts blur,
She loves the romantic words you whisper to her,
She loves your nice new clothes, the ones from OUR shopping spree,
She even loves the story of how you married me 
    but even more- how you plan on one day leaving me.

I love your life and the very air you breathe,
I love the strength in your hands and the weakness in my knees,
I love my prayers for our love to live up to what we vowed to on that day,
I love that I decided on you and you have always loved me the very same way.
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Poem ID: 89577   Poem Posted: 5/1/2018
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