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This is Who
by   Dr.Who3

You are a mystery 
I hope I never solve,
. . . a sparkle of magic, 
a twinkle of wonder in a pale gray universe.  
You are the heart of 'quiet' 
and the tempest of 'why' 
and withal- a friend.

You are the rainbow
trapped in a soap bubble,
the jingle of bells
and the noise of stars
in my heart.

You are a dream
I can't forget
and whose details
I can't quite remember
as I awake from the mists
of paradise.

You are a wisp of fragrance
blown into my life
on the winds of fortune
and held here by the merest
of whims and the strongest of wishes.

You are part of the song
birds sing,
a melody taking wing
in my soul
and the pause in my breath.

You are the first glory 
of morning,
the great beauty of sunset,
and the tickle of life in between.

You asked me, 
"Who am I to one such as you?"
I smile and gently I say,
"This is Who!"
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Poem ID: 15019   Poem Posted: 11/7/1999
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