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Saharan Eyes
by   Tehreem

I stared into your Saharan Eyes of opal dust
Across the busy London street
Into your taxi

You stared back at me
Without a smile on your face
Your guilty, hidden secret
Veiled your expressionless face

I stared into your Saharan Eyes of desert gold
At Picadilly Circus
I smiled at you
While you fed the pigeons
But you did not return my love

Just like a cold, erect, London statue
You seemed to me
To be a stone pillar
Valuable and vulnerable
Life waiting to be chiseled away
Into golden sand

Your ethereal beauty, not frozen by the English snow

I stared into your Saharan Eyes 
As they glowed in the dark
In my dream you opened your arms
And learned to swim into my heart
In passion, you sharply kissed my lips
Like a bee sting
And bit my cheek
On the shores of Dover Beach
Your heart swam into my soul

But that was only a dream

My ecstasy turned into agony 
As I awakened, abandoned
Like a lost island
In the middle of London
Watching you fly away 
Into your desert kingdom
Leaving me only with Saharan dust
Paining my heart 
With the memory of your... Saharan Eyes
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Poem ID: 36548   Poem Posted: 6/21/2000
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Copyright , September 1999, Tehreem Khan  all rights reserved by the author.
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