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My Desire
by   Alex Sanbourne

As I pen these words flowing from my heart
I am reflective of the moments of love we share.
Through time and turmoil,
Passion has woven a tapistry that is you.

The magic that animates my desire
Rests only in the pool of your eyes, 
The warm caress of your smile,
And the gentle embrace of your touch.

Whenever I am with you,
My heart longs for such connection.
Pouring over your soul.
Helplessly waiting,
For the slightest indication of the 'you', I long to have.

The music of your voice stirs desire within,
Penetrating the base of my being.
My imagination soars,
When your longing reaches out to me,
Fantasizing how it will feel,
To let my fingertips dance across the many faces of your skin,
Exploring and discovering every nuance of you.

I digress, for 'now' does not belong to me.... and you....
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Poem ID: 2887   Poem Posted: 3/26/1998
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Copyright , 12 March 98,  all rights reserved by the author.
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