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Always You
by Monique Cheree Moore

At early dawn my dreams will end,
I'll wake from deep in sleep,
And still my dreams revolve my thoughts,
My thoughts of you I'll keep.

When morning looms in eastern skies
My toes will touch the floor,
And then you will be on my mind
Like every day before.

At afternoon my day's half-through,
I'll come to pause again.
I'll see your face behind my eyes
Like every hour 'fore then.

Now dusk will fold its arms around
This world I give to you,
And in the evening's sweet embrace
I'll whisper of we two.

And when the night has gained control
I'll sit to say my prayer,
And here I'll wish, like nights before,
That every day we'll share.

Midnight strikes and all is hushed,
But you still fill my head,
Like on the day I just watched fade
...And in the one I see ahead.
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Poem ID: 14479   Poem Posted: 8/20/2001
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Copyright , February 17, 1999, Monique Cheree Moore  all rights reserved by the author.
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