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Larry On My Mind
by Gayle Gardner Lin

Seems like this world's gone crazy,
Full of sorrow, crime, and woe,
Reports of floods and famine,
With no safe place to go.
How do I keep from faltering
When my path begins to wind?
My footsteps remain steady
Because Larry's on my mind.

The snow may drift outside my door,
The north wind will find each crack.
But still I'm feeling safe and warm
Whenever I think back
To moments spent beside him,
Our hands and hearts entwined.
My life has been much better
Because Larry's on my mind.

In spring the sky is bluer,
Floating clouds a softer white.
The flowers smell much sweeter,
The stars shine with a light
That brings back to my mem'ry
Breezes whisp'ring through the pines,
Of days now gone forever-
And still Larry's on my mind.

In the torrid heat of summer,
When the earth is parched and dry,
In fallow fields the crops wilt
Amidst the locusts' cry.
My world is cooled by showers;
Though they're just the made-up kind,
I find them so refreshing
Long as Larry's on my mind.

The glory of the autumn,
Hillsides bright with colored leaves-
Time runs out for everyone.
When my time's up, don't grieve.
Just know I'm going softly,
No regrets- my life's been kind.
With peace and love I'll leave you,
Still with Larry on my mind.
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Poem ID: 32635   Poem Posted: 5/17/2000
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