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We Can Paint the Sunset
by dave  s

We can paint the sunset
and hang it on the horizon by
the water's edge, miming, 
maintaining, mimicking 
the wrinkles in the water, tracing
along the elegant surface
like a blanket in the wind?

We can paint the milky way
and hang it in the sky by 
the radiant moon, sighing,
serenading, singing of 
the stars that hover around her, shining
beneath the deepest reflection
of the darkness that stares off above?

We can paint the sunrise 
and hang it on the sea by 
the beach's shoreline, following,
floating, frowning upon 
the distant horizon, ending up
at the pompous sun's luminous glow
where land ends and forever begins?

We can stop time for a 
moment, just a short lived memory,
Knowing today will be short,
but tomorrow will be shorter?
This life will move fast,
but the next may not come.
This moment will be perfect,
but never be again.

Knowing and hoping that
our days are aplenty, but just maybe
they may end tomorrow-
So why not paint this sunset 
Over again and again?
Why not paint this sunset
in permanent paint	
so this moment won?t ever end...
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Poem ID: 86263   Poem Posted: 3/21/2007
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Copyright , 2006, dave s  all rights reserved by the author.
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