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Angel Heart
by Sylvia  Leigh

Mortality, death, and goodbye.
Such cruel, over-stated words.
Estrangement of life and happiness?   

Though I am but a whisper now,
And no longer fill your life,
Ever near I  remain.
Wordless witness to your gladdest of days
Silent sentinel through long, stormy nights.

Hereafter is not as imagined,
Neither frightening nor dark, - 
Rather a shadow of all that used to be.

There is but one sadness in my existence:
To be denied your heavenly-human touch.

I feel myself surrounded now
By light, divinely peaceful
And alas, this carefree weightlessness.

O, that I might transcend 
Both time and space
To once again 
Feel your breath upon my cheek!

Are you conscious of my nearness?
Do you feel my presence ever with you?

Dry your tears, my love.
All is well.  
We have loved a lifetime's worth! 

Lift your face that I may once again 
See laughter sparkling in rivers of blue.

Smile for me that  patrician smile.
Stand tall,  Pristine.
Accept all challenges nobly.

I am but a sigh away...

Darling, you have always been my angel.
How fitting that I should be forever yours...
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Poem ID: 6236   Poem Posted: 7/13/1998
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