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An Unspoken Love
by Rohit Antao Leandro

It struck like a flash of lightening, and caught me unaware;
I felt a surge of life within; with it, an urge to care.

I never thought that once again, I would dare to fall in love.
And yet I hadn?t fallen; but was flying high above.

The world has set up fences, and these, I must accept!
Alas! Against all my senses, I must make myself adept.

I wish that I could hold her for a moment of divinity;
And in my arms I?d keep her till the end of eternity.

Even though I see in her eyes that daze that?s there in mine,
To the world I show a sea of lies; I force myself to shine.

But even through a silent gaze I hear her dampened breath.
I know that it?s a dreamy haze, perhaps the sweetest way to death.

A smile, I put upon my face and wish her loads of love,
And though my heart still beats with pace, I?ll love her from above.

I promise her that in her quest, whenever there's a bend,
She can count on me and I?ll be there; I?ll always be a friend.

I pray that she?ll remember me through all her joys and strife,
This unspoken love, a gift to her, a memory for life!
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Poem ID: 82893   Poem Posted: 9/15/2006
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Copyright , 2006, Rohit Leandro Antao  all rights reserved by the author.
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