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by Ed  Walter

You wake up in the morning,
And go on through your day.
You do the things you always do,
In much the same old way.
Around, all kinds of people,
But when the day is done,
As darkness falls around you,
You go through life alone.

The friends you find all drift away,
Like leaves do in the fall.
You never seem to understand,
The reasons for it all.
I've seen the look upon your face,
The teardrops in your eye,
When love that someone gave to you,
You tossed aside to die.

You're going through your life alone,
And the saddest part must be,
You do not seem to realize,
How sweet your life could be.
To have someone to care for you,
And stay right by your side,
To fill your empty heart with love,
Each and every night.

So, lying in your bed tonight,
Keep this thought in your mind.
If it is really love you want,
It's been here all the time.
And as you see the days go by,
You'll never see again.
All the ones who cared for you,
And love... that might have been.

And if you're ever looking,
For someone who could be,
A lover and a friend to you,
Through all eternity.
You have to look no further,
Than right here by your side,
For I'm the one who loves you,
And will until I die.
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Poem ID: 3455   Poem Posted: 4/19/1998
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