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by Yvette F. Hanrath

I had this carefully laid-out plan
That by no small measure should succeed
Tuck you deep into the recesses of my mind
Store you in a shelf in my heart.
Keep the warmth but not the burning passion
Keep the memory without the pain
Keep the melody and not the haunting strains
Then walk, and go on with my journey.
So have I spent my days learning to unlearn
As I keep walking down this road.
But as I pass the fields of corn
I remember the softness of your hair?
I stop at a wooden bridge
Over the sparkling waters of a brook
And I remember
The touching of fluted glass?.
The smoke billows from a cabin in the woods
And I remember a fireplace
Two shadows
And a white-colored mountain?.
I watch the seasons change 
And things green- turn brown
And I remember 
A pair of chameleon eyes?
Perched on the slope of a hill
The zephyr softly brushes 
Against my skin
And I remember a gentle touch?.
The heavens deepen 
Into orange and red
A flaming ball of fire
And I remember a passion, strong?
The silver moon rises 
Amid a blanket of stars
And I remember two souls touching?
The stars frolic 
As they beam their light
And I remember the smiles and a sweet joy?
I gaze at the ocean 
These waters that binds us, yet, keep us apart
And my soul cries out for you?
I dance with a man 
And follow his steps
But my soul wouldn't dance in the fire?
Will I ever forget
Or will I forever remember
Will I ever be free 
From you?.
Will I ever unlearn
What my soul wants to keep
Will I ever find
Another you.
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Poem ID: 1646   Poem Posted: 2/16/1998
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