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Why Was It You ?
by Avery  Robertson

Watching in secret with her.
Innocence shattered,
storm clouds gather.

I would rather have
bleed to death
than have seen
what you've done--

Stolen my soul,
killed my dreams,
made doubts come
true-- why you?

When will the day
come when I win?
I cannot open my eyes;
my heart is raging.

You forgot me so easily,
there's no way to go back.
Tears mark a path
to the loss of us.

Voices of the world
rush in on me, 
but I just can't face
another day in this place.

Why did it have to be you?
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Poem ID: 57756   Poem Posted: 6/16/2001
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Copyright , March 2001,  all rights reserved by the author.
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