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by   Bob H

I see raindrops on a window pane 
and I write her name with my finger
Much like the time we spend together, 
it cannot last - only linger
Her name may be washed away 
by rain drops on the window pane
But not from my heart, it?s sheltered there, 
protected from the rain

I go to a concert wishing she was there, 
to share the music, to sing along
When I close my eyes it?s like she?s there, 
I can hear her singing every song
Why is it that I can see her face, 
and hear her voice, when she isn?t really there
Why can you love someone when you?re with another, 
that really isn?t fair

How naive to think that love would be 
a one way journey, a pre-planned trip
There are choices it?s not preordained, 
there is no preset script
I realize now there is no right, there is no wrong, 
there is no one to blame
I see dewdrops on a hosta leaf 
and with my finger I write her name
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Poem ID: 87841   Poem Posted: 2/25/2009
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