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to let go
by kymi marie murphy

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do
but I let you go.
I let go for all the right reasons but
the main one was because of my love for you.
My body shakes and tightens, as if 
life itself has been rung out of me.
My tears fall aimlessly, but gracefully, as
though each tear is an expression of what we shared.

Although my heart bleeds, I know I did
what was right because of the purity of your love for me.
I should have been honest with you from the beginning.
But it was that beginning that brought warmth back into my soul.
It recaptured the identity inside myself 
that had been lost for so long.
In it's way it freed me from a life, 
prison-like, sentence I felt doomed to.

And even now the whisper of your voice rings
in my ear as though you stand right behind me.
Even though you're further away now 
than even distance can control
I feel paralized at the thought of losing you.
Yet, I know I must walk again.
It took much courage for me to let go 
of something so beautiful.
But because of it- I am.

I do believe fate put us together for whatever
reason or whatever lesson it wanted us to learn.
Or maybe it was so that we could experience 
what many long to experience.
But it was only loaned to us.
As life is only ours for a brief time.
I leave now but I take with me 
all the memories of when it was -
You and I let go
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Poem ID: 21512   Poem Posted: 10/21/1999
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