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Ode to My Love
by   Brent J

where do the angels come from ?
they come from within your eyes
soft cotton dreams-- kisses-
blowing sweetly through
the breeze 

you lie upon my heart
where daisys dance 
in soft slumber.
what do they dream ? 
of sunbrowned skin
wraped around the world forever.
where do they go ?
up to heaven- 
to whisper tales of your beauty
to the gods 

As butterflies and sunbeams,
you float throughout the air
seeds of love grow from within.
who was the one that planted there ?

was it you, my flower
you who brings me joy ?
my partner, friend-
"forever" ?
a secret-  hidden, 
away at birth
for you're an angel
brought down to earth

on this eve.
I await the sun,
for upon that day
we become as one.
one heart,
one soul,

my love,
Tonight I pray
for smooth dreams 
upon the sea of your mind
push way the darkening shadows 
for tomorrow you will be mine

everyday of my life
I will love you
with my soul I will always be there
let the sun cast her kisses upon us 
throw rays, like the strands of her hair 
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Poem ID: 5635   Poem Posted: 6/15/1998
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