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A Lonely Heart
by William  Mae

At the ocean, slowly walking,
At the waters edge I stand.
While the breeze blows 'ore my body,
I slide my fingers through the sand.

As the mist comes off the water,
I taste the salt upon my lips.
I see two children building castles,
And in the distance passing ships.

I wonder if our love is like this,
Passing close... but cannot touch.
I quickly think of something different,
To my heart this thought's too much.

Sand crabs dance across the shore line,
Dart into their home beneath,
Stick their heads back out slowly,
As I pass they take a peek.

The smell of freshness overwhelming,
The ocean's green then turns to blue.
Down the shoreline I keep walking,
But my thoughts return to you.

I look up and see a figure,
And this picture makes me sigh.
My heart beats fast, for just a moment,
But it's not you who passes by.

So I walk on into evening,
Thinking, perhaps I'll meet you there,
But as the sun sets on the ocean,
My mind is here, my heart is there.
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Poem ID: 41020   Poem Posted: 1/26/2001
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