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First Kiss...
by Lady  Hawke

I feel a soft breeze as it caresses my skin
I close my eyes and imagine your breath on my face, 
A moment before our lips meet and it is contained, 
As two hearts meet and truly touch for the first time.

We explore the sweetness of this first kiss
Breathing in the life?s breath
   that only we can provide for one another...
     edifying and mystifying at the same time...

Time stands still as a lifetime is lived in moments,
Feelings that you have always been here...
And yet, never been here at all.

The newness of this feeling flows over my heart
   even as it is familiar to me
     as though we have always been... together. 

Sighing, I open my eyes... only to find 
   you have vanished with the breeze.
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Poem ID: 37176   Poem Posted: 6/29/2000
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