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My Soul Undone
by Victor Maurice Batchelor

A young heart wrought with turmoil, 
impaled with sheer anger.
To me- laughter, love, happiness, 
and joy are all unknown strangers.

Not comprehending, misunderstanding, 
unable to express.
Feelings of pure anxiety
have led to this stress.

Rage replaced by fear, 
utter loathing and regret.
Inexperienced at travelling 
to a more lucid mindset.

Torturous seconds, lead to minutes. 
Then to hours without clarity.
Loneliness and emptiness 
serve only to fuel my disparity.

How I hope for calm seas 
to quell the churning tempest within.
Without you here my life is now meaningless.
Though taking it myself is a sin.

Regardless of that fact, 
I have now chosen to move on.
Relinquishing all ties to the flesh, 
my physical form now undone.

With the totality of the universe, 
I have chosen to become one.
For I am NO longer your MOON, 
and you are NO longer my SUN!
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Poem ID: 45710   Poem Posted: 9/13/2000
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Copyright , July, 2000, Victor Maurice Batchelor  all rights reserved by the author.
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