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goddess & tiger
by Jeffrey Alan Tate

Deborah you're my angel
my goddess borne on wheels

i can match the might of any man
but to you, i can only kneel

the temperament displayed to you
is my gift of love my whole life through

into the next life, then maybe more
i'll love you forever, your tiger sworn

the faith of a man is a fickle thing
but a tiger's promise holds far more

you own the soul of the beast i am
a soul more impassioned than any man

ten tigers stand to rule the day
when your mistrust of my love blows away

in a garden of stone which stretches for miles
enchanted with curves, slicing through wilds

goddess and tiger ride through the night
with fate as our compass this course must be right

everything happens for a reason
      boy loves his girl
              season turns on season

forever never ends
      my message must be clear
              forever I shall hold you dear

*Written for my cherished love, Deborah Ellen Goldin
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Poem ID: 38706   Poem Posted: 3/9/2001
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