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by Peter None Parle

Imagine a river flowing quite free,
unaware of where it's flowing to.
Imagine an Island with just you and me,
surrounded by an ocean, under a sky of blue.

Imagine an Eagle, soaring quite high,
with the wind beneath its wings.
Imagine it carrying just you and I,
to a land where the Nightingale sings.

Imagine climbing the world's highest peak,
And standing and shouting our names.
Imagine being stranded for more than a week,
Being together, alone, without shame.

Imagine the sea crashing onto the shore,
Frothing, foaming and splashing in rage.
Imagine us standing and wishing for more,
As the book of our life turns a page.

Imagine being together, not in a dream,
holding and touching and being lovers.
Imagine what bliss that notion would bring,
together in love... and alone with each other.
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Poem ID: 3633   Poem Posted: 4/20/1998
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Copyright , April 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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