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by   ITSme

Imagine us together
  what would life be like?
We'd get up in the morning
  and probl'y take a hike
To the hilly mountain side
  walk along a stream
Watch the cottn'y clouds go by
  just like in a dream
With hand in hand we would climb
  half way to the top
Then decide to take a rest
  yes, here is where we'd stop
We'd have a little picnic
  some hugs and kisses too
I'd tell you of my happiness
  since I have been with you
You'd pick some mountain flowers
  lovingly for me
And tell me how you always knew
  how you and I would be
We'd probably act silly
  then head back to our nest
To cuddle and to snuggle, yes
  and finally to rest
That's only to imagine but..
  just think if that were true
Wouldn't that be wonderful...
  imagine... just me and you
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Poem ID: 7679   Poem Posted: 9/14/1998
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Copyright , September 10, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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