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When I die...
by Bernadene Dionicio Arches

If death comes to take me away,
My darling, please do not be afraid.
My soul will not haunt you in your sleep,
This is a promise I intend to keep.

If it comes before the break of day,
Cry not for I shall find my way.
A light that shines will help me see,
The road to the place where souls live in peace.

Cry not, grieve not, just give me peace.
My restless soul will never be at ease.
Prayers alone will put me to rest,
And with His hands, I shall be blessed.

Feel the earth's bossom which embraces me,
With pretty flowers I love to see.
And fill my place with someone to love you,
As much as I did, and as much as you'll love her, too.
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Poem ID: 46646   Poem Posted: 9/26/2000
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Copyright , june 1999, Bernadene Dionicio Arches  all rights reserved by the author.
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