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Coffeehouse Philosophy
by Aparna  Jayachandran

"I can spell 'lonely' again."
You remarked over Scrabble.
"I saw your hair turn the corner
Followed by you."
You said, eyes sparkling a grin.

From raucous laughter
To coffeehouse philosophy,
Raving and stargazing
And espresso at midnight.

Our friendship had a face
That changed with the places we went,
The mindgames we played
And the paths we chose 
To explore together.

When friendship shifted subtley
Into friendship deeper and stiller than before, 
We went with it, diving headlong
Into Discovery -- that you and i could love!

So, we emerge from voluptuous shadows
And comfortably go about
The daily business of living.
"No matter what their predictions,
I do love you."
You told me last night.
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Poem ID: 5422   Poem Posted: 6/15/1998
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Copyright , 5 June 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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