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Time Without End
by Michael Brian James Freeman

In a beautiful land where the earth scrapes the sky,
I conquered the peak of a mountain, so high,
But amid all the majesty that did surround,
I noticed this stone lying on the ground.

And pressed in the side of that very same stone,
Was the mark of a seashell, imprinted from bone,
And my thoughts then turned to how this came to be,
For how can a seashell just fly from the sea?

Tens of millions of years, as the mountains were birthed,
From the ocean that covered the entire earth.
Then I pondered the bond that you and I share,
And how you'll never know how deeply I care,

For if two hearts can really be bonded this well,
Surely love can last longer than one little shell!
Let this mark be your symbol, for time without end,
Of me as your soulmate...
                your lover...
                  your friend.
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Poem ID: 44289   Poem Posted: 9/4/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Michael Brian James Freeman  all rights reserved by the author.
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