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The Burning of This Book
by Casey  Draheim

scraping back the bindings 
of this book i have written in
erasing every word 
that means everything to me

ripping that very page 
with your name scrawled over it
into little pieces and burning them
burning, burning, burning

there's no fire
no reason for the wretched paper to burn
other than my somehow undamaged love for you
but that isn't reason enough

though my words are now nothing but ashes
i still uttered them
they still linger in the air
and i know you can taste them

but you spit them out
not on the ground
but on ME

having no respect for me at all
showing your friends the ashes and my dead body
as a trophy
a mere momento of your prize and victory over me

but i'll allow it
but only until every page 
with your name on it
is finished burning
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Poem ID: 12223   Poem Posted: 3/15/1999
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Copyright , 2-20-99, Casey Draheim  all rights reserved by the author.
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