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Rushed Love
by Sneha  Pathak

Who do we blame,
If not the design of fate?
For you and I were strangers,
Who pretended to be friends
And then the facade came to an end. 

Maybe we were just lonely,
So we fell into this mess slowly.
But who can blame us,
For the sky was a little too blue,
Our hearts experienced feelings very new. 
The wind was playing cupid 
And even though neither of us was stupid 
We played along 'till one day 
It wasn?t a game anymore,
Reality set in, we didn?t know what to do.

We decided to sever ties 
But those were just lies 
For like a moth to a flame, 
We ended up coming back together,
For a moment or for forever...

What were we thinking, 
Trying to warm our frigid hearts in love's eternal fire?
Only we went a little too far, consequences were dire.
Now your music hurts my heart
and so do the memories 
As we decide to pursue our different stories.

I can?t be the girl you want me to be, 
Maybe I never was. 
You promised you cannot be the guy I want.
Your indifference, you always did flaunt. 

Now I let go of the debris floating in this ocean 
Littered with the mess we've made.
Who are we to blame?
But it must?ve been fate 
For we were perfect strangers, pretending to be friends in vain 
Then fate decided to meddle and
Made our paths cross over and over again. 
Today as I look at the stars above 
I wonder if you miss our Rushed Love.
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Poem ID: 89153   Poem Posted: 11/11/2016
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Copyright , 2016, Sneha P Pathak  all rights reserved by the author.
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