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by Miriam M. Wynn

The smoky remembrance of last night 
Drifts softly like a dripping petal; 
Floating into the realm of the conscious 
Your lids part to welcome the new. 

I ask you softly if you love me as you waken; 
I observe your gentle form . . . 
You are strong and warm and loving, 
Laughing gladly as if reborn. 

In such joy, in morning hours, 
I have never felt so surely enchanted; 
The dusk of skin, the smile within, 
Melts over me quite calmly. 

Who am I, to watch dreams escape 
So boldly from their bed? 
Who am I to watch, and try to know 
The hidden meanings in your head? 

Not for me, such sacred dreaming, 
Paintings of past and present and future; 
I shall choose merely to love you 
To watch you shake away sleeping cobwebs. 

And so the dawn arises along with you, 
My sleeping lover. 
And I beside you, soft beside you, 
Feel love melt into our bed. 
And so until then, we dream yet more- 

For making dreams come true is so much better 
Than having them only sleep inside instead.
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Poem ID: 8424   Poem Posted: 10/13/1998
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Copyright , 1997, Miriam M. Wynn  all rights reserved by the author.
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