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Father, Daughter, Friend
by Melissa Margaret Krapels

Extraordinary moments
 stand out now,
special days,
 the big events,
  the times I can't forget...
my wedding day,
 riding in the car
  bathed in a cloud
   of white,
hidden by my veil,
 my hand clutched in yours,
and then you, suddenly
 so pale
  as we walked
    the aisle...
and then I smile,
 another time, another day,
  while still a child,
wearing something ghostly,
and you pretending that
 I looked okay,
  beautiful, infact,
do you remember
 that funny time?
And then the times
 you came to the camp,
the day I broke your
 favorite lamp,
the bookcase
 I destroyed,
the absurdity of meeting
  and bringing them to you...
the memories, a kind
 of glue
  between my 'then'
   and 'now',
I see you with a furrowed brow
 poring over
  what I wrote,
scribbling, writing,
 making notes,
and in later years,
 only your voice
  in the midnight hours,
as silently I dialed,
 so relieved to find you there,
  so good to know you cared,
how much we said,
 how rich the gifts,
how lucky we both were
 to have been father,
  daughter, friend...
and even now, that you are
   the joy of that will never end.
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Poem ID: 31302   Poem Posted: 5/4/2000
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Copyright , April.28,2000, Melissa Margaret Krapels  all rights reserved by the author.
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