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Breathe Again
by   Chula

I feel the pain. 
I taste the sorrow as the tears slowly kiss my lips. 
A Distant memory in my mind that never seems to fade away.
His touch lingers, 
fingertips slowly caressing my being, 
his breath upon my neck, 
whispers echoing throughout myself,

Desolate, abandoned, 
left alone in a world so cold without his hand to hold 
and guide me through the darkness, 
his arms to embrace my trembling body, 
his lips to kiss away the worries 
that plague me every day of my life.

A part of me, 
he makes me whole, he satisfies my desires 
and loves me without conditions.

On I live, anticipating his return, 
and when he does he will hold me 
and will no longer be a distant memory. 
I will hear his voice and then all will be well.

Till then 
this torn soul dwells on and on with only those distant memories 
of him to give me the strength to breathe again.
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Poem ID: 21245   Poem Posted: 10/12/1999
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Copyright , 10/10/99, Tiffany Morales  all rights reserved by the author.
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