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Heaven's River
by   CLYDE

 My love..
 In the beginning I was so lost 
 and you took my hand.
 You guided me and gave me your love.
 Looking back over our past 
 I have now come to understand 
 How life is a river
 flowing toward the great sea.
 Along the course, we have traveled for so long,
 sometimes fast..          
 sometimes slow..
 but always together, hand in hand.
 We braved the storms, rapids and waterfalls.
 And, there were many obstacles which made us turn
 first one way..         
 then another..
 But, each bend bringing us closer to the great sea.
 Throughout our journey we have shared 
 our lives..                             
 our dreams..                  
 our laughter..          
 our love..              
 to be together at the river's end -
 at the great sea:
 A place where our bodily shells are cast away to show 
 our love flickering brightly.
 A place where gold and silver reflects our love
 to light our way in soft luminous shades.
 A place where diamonds, rubies and precious crystals  
 sparkle at each of our kisses.
 A place where the laughter of children playing
 brings us tears of joy and happiness.
 A place where the strumming of the angels' harps 
 weaves soft tapestries on which we lay.
 A place where the twinkling of the stars 
 are our loved ones only dancing about.
 A place where we journey never more.
 Do you hear a faint ringing of the captain's bell?
 Are we near the river's end?
 My love..
 Take my hand as we go down to the sea.
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Poem ID: 3202   Poem Posted: 4/5/1998
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