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He Said...
by   Avery

He said:
"I can?t live my life without you."
He said:
"For you there?s nothing I would not do."

As he glances at me with his warm summer smile,
Takes my hand, tells me I?m beautiful- all the while
Morning sunshine, like pearls in his eyes,
Whispers softly, his voice sings sweet surprise.

The magic he gives me, so warm and so sweet,
Soft footsteps on pavement, ever burning cold feet
Slowly walking through endless mazes of love;
The sway of his wonder is like heaven above.

He said softly: 
"just a lil so hush for me."
His arms so gentle and he works so carefully
His rainbow sun rays sparkling down from the sky
Envoking Ezra and the moonbean shall cry.

Just a lil passion in the stretch of his stride
Only peace now I see and all hate has died...
Untill he said:
"I think we really ought to talk."
Not taking my hand he procceded to walk

He said:
"I know its been a great time with you."
He said:
"I know you love me, but what else can I do."
He said
"It?s a little too late... 
I?ve met someone new."

Now it?s in my procession, I see him unclear
Into my solemness I feel but a tear
Hiding it shyly I pretend it's all okay
"Don?t worry I?m fine,
Don?t worry," I say.
and so...

His kind smile I see not anymore
And faded deep inside is his love that I store
He said:
"I can?t live without you."
He said:
"For you there?s nothin I would not do."
He said, he said, he said...
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Poem ID: 15965   Poem Posted: 6/13/1999
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Copyright , 5/27/99, Avery  all rights reserved by the author.
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