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It's Hard To Say Goodbye
by Amber  R

sometimes you're too hard for me to understand,
i want to reach for you but, my heart is in the sand~

buried with mixed feelings of the past that once were so real,
if i saw you tonight, God only knows, how i would feel~

everyday was exciting and new and our love poured from our souls,
you've become a new person, taking on very difficult roles~

i know it's not your fault and you only know what you need,
your tired little body trying so hard to succeed~

the way you've touched me, compares to nothing now,
something is definitely missing, i don't know where it went, or how~

your laugh used to glow, your smile was so very bright,
nothing else mattered to you but holding me through the night~

we kissed in the pouring rain a couple weeks ago,
the furthest thing from my mind... was ever seeing you go~

it's so hard keeping my eyes open for someone new to meet,
your cheek smelled so good; your lips always tasted so sweet~

people say, "everything must come to an end,"
but, maybe, someday, you'll be in my arms, loving me once again~

it's time for you, sweet Kevin, to spread your wings and fly,
my journey with you is over, it's so hard to say goodbye~

Dedicated to Kevin Jalbert~ 
He was my dream come true... 
I love you Kevin
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Poem ID: 6487   Poem Posted: 7/27/1998
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Copyright , 1998, Amber R  all rights reserved by the author.
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