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by Ella  Kay

Can one endure pain
  this deep...
    and love?

Can the body survive
  with no heart,
    no soul,
      just pain?

My silent screams
  splash yellow
    on the black canvas
      of my soul...
   TOO LATE....

I have just found you.
  All the beauty
    of love reflected
      in your smiling eyes,
          warm kiss,
            your touch.
       you love me.....

Torn from my arms
  by time....
    Born too late....
      time has passed for me,
        you move away,
slow down... I'm small

I love you......

A fleeting touch,
  whispered words,
    caressing glances...

A promise calls you back.

Cold arms hold you prisoner
  born too soon...
    Loved too late....
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Poem ID: 8697   Poem Posted: 10/29/1998
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Copyright , 10-23-98, Ella Kay  all rights reserved by the author.
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