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I always knew
by Morne  van der Merwe

I always knew you'd come along
but never thought you'd leave
The day the bird stopped singing our song
the music from it's mouth I retreived

At least I still see you in my dreams
at least I still hear your voice on the phone
Forever unhappy without you, it seems
years go by, still I am alone

It's so unfair, this cruel world
it let's you taste the best, then takes it away
These old photos with corners curled
have been stuck on my walls and there they will stay

If I were a blindman, I would still see your love
cut out from the world above
A free bird, meant to fly
it's wings clipped, left to die

Still, I sit here; still, I moan
with the pain, grief and thought of being alone
For the love of God, let us meet again
happy for once, our joy everlasting, 

our love an unconditional flame....
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Poem ID: 50598   Poem Posted: 11/24/2000
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Copyright , June 16, 1999,  all rights reserved by the author.
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