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To the "Other Woman", with regrets..
by   Michael

My Autumn-eyed and lusty wench,
How well you share my soul!
And had I but another life,
To you would go the whole.

For in the sunshine of your smile,
Your soft cascade of hair,
I find my universe stands still,
With nevermore a care.

But time, a river, flows one way.
We both rush toward the sea,
Our lives entwined by currents,
And touched by ecstasy.

Lest fates decree our paths diverge,
To sail on separate seas,
We savor every moment
As cherished memories.

So, let us ponder not the 'morrow
Fearing what our paths may hold.
Today, we'll share the wine of love,
And thus suppress the cold.
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Poem ID: 4464   Poem Posted: 5/13/1998
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