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Amy Michelle
by Sandra Kay Prouse

The little babe was crying, it wasn't out of fear
She didn't know to be afraid, she was so tiny there
Her nails were irredescent, her skin- soft as a rose
I looked upon that newborn face and felt my heart explode

Her lips were pursed, just like a bow, her eyes had such a healthy glow
The instant that i touched her hand, i knew one day she'd understand
I didn't make her heart beat, her blood was not my own
I didn't give her life, so sweet, i didn't make her bones

She came to me one cold December day
Her hazel eyes and soft brown hair were meant to be that way
Her body wasn't perfect, but God would see to that
It didn't matter anyway, i wouldn't give her back

Her tresses lay so softly curled upon her rosy cheeks
One day she'd know, a mothers love and, oh, the price is steep
It wasn't paid in dollars, it wasn't paid in cents
It was paid in love from up above and a bill was never sent

God sent an angel to me, He said "she's yours to keep"
I know she'll need a mom and dad to hold her tenderly
Some days she'll make you happy, some days she'll make you blue
But everyday will be a day to tell her, " i love you"
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Poem ID: 2241   Poem Posted: 3/8/1998
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