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You Are Always There
by Anna L. Jennings

If I've ever felt apart from the world...
   you brought me back

If I've ever cried my eyes out...
   you've made them stop

If I've felt fear has kidnapped my heart...
   you've rescued me

If I've ever felt deep misery or loneliness in my eyes...
   you've filled them with hope and sincerity

If I've ever run away from all that I was afraid of...
   you've showed that me I need to face them

If I've ever hidden from the crazy side of my mind...
   you've showed me light

If I've ever been torn or bent...
   you've straightened me out

If I've lost pieces to my heart...
afraid that they wouldn't be put back together...
   you've been there to show me it's never lost
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Poem ID: 38444   Poem Posted: 7/10/2000
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