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ThiNgs I'D NeVeR SaY 2U
by   KiMo&LeiMoMi

The things I'd never said to you, the things you'll never know
The thoughts and feelings you were never man enough to console
I've shed tears of love, tears of learning and tears of hate
Trying to distinguish what was real and what was fake

I remember the real, it's burnt into my heart
Like I've been branded, even though we are apart
Our bond was real, our love was true
It came to an end, what was missing... was you

When did you leave me, why did you go?
At what point did I lose my place in your soul?
Did you not want to be loved, afraid of needing instead of wanting
These are the thoughts that keep on haunting

I know you think of me and the memories we've made
The 'me' you came home to, the bed in which you laid
Still you suppress all emotions, you hide it so well
And even though you're hiding, I can still tell

Maybe you'll come back to me, you'll choose to be home
All you gotta do is pick up the phone
I still love you, maybe not as sure as before
I no longer trust you, after all I had to endure

But I am not stupid, I can admit
I am not over you, or the way we used to fit
But I get closer to 'free' with every day that goes by
Farther from you, turning Love into Lie
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Poem ID: 27855   Poem Posted: 3/4/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Carrie LeiMomi Ikeda  all rights reserved by the author.
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