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the temptaion of the flower
by Doug  Roberson

I chance upon a flower in a field
and try to find the will to wield
my blade 
to place
that flower in my vase
could it be, to me, as dear
even though I hold it near
because now, I think and fear
that it should be wild
it should be free
and it is only vanity
to think it could belong to me
now my eyes, its sight has kissed
and I wonder how I'll exist
without it near me every moment
that I, yet, shall live
and if I were 
to say good-bye
would, in courtesy, 
the flower think to cry
as I knelt and sadly said farewell?
in a moment
that doubt is gone
refusing, now, to linger on 
and I take the flower
as I intended
all along
and while it lives in peace with me
i suspect it is still quite free
and suffers me to quench its thirst
which I do first
whenever I awake
never shall this flower perish
for within my heart, I shall cherish
the fragrance that it brings, and it alone,
as it shares with me my home
and its petals brighten 
my very darkest day
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Poem ID: 27440   Poem Posted: 2/22/2000
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Copyright , 02/20/2000, Douglas S Roberson  all rights reserved by the author.
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