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I'll Miss You, Goodbye
by Renee Lynn Gill

You were once my saving grace
When the outside world was unforgiving.
You always brought my soul such peace
Making the crazy days worth living.
I'll miss the way we talked

Never running out of things to say.
I'll miss the sound of your voice
Across the distance on the line
As you speak my name.
I'll miss you, good-bye.

I asked you once if you felt me
If you needed me like the air you breathe
You answered me, "yes, yes, yes, yes, get it?"
"yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, see a pattern here?"
You are always so simple, so sincere.

How can fifteen simple words
Suddenly make my heart so settled?
The rocky road that I had been on
Now the path ahead is clear.

I'll miss the way your gentle touch 
Calms me to my core
I'll miss the way you hold me tight and close
And seemed to want a moment more.
I'll miss you, good-bye.

Some dreams were not meant to live
In the shining of the sun.
This love was just not saved for me
Still, here you are, and I'm undone.

Your tender kiss upon my lips simply must suffice.
The memory of what might have been will warm my lonely nights.
In my mind I know you must remain
Where your promises were given.

So I send you to her waiting arms, 'lest I be unforgiven.
My heart is heavy bound by chains that will not bend
But it's okay now, you can let go
I'll miss you, good-bye.

I will be braver than I feel.
My heart as cold as ice and hard as stone
From blue smiling upon you, I will not shed a tear.
I remain here to face this hurt alone.

With what feeling I have left inside
I wish you love and happiness
Open my hand, close my eyes and release what I'd been holding.
I loved you and I'll miss you, good-bye.

Yesterday has drifted away
Today I'm barely breathing
Tomorrow is yet to be
That whisper on the winds, it is me.

My innocent heart remains with you, what was will forever be.
I'll miss you, goodbye.
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Poem ID: 87829   Poem Posted: 2/21/2009
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Copyright , Feb 21, 2009, Renee Lynn Gill  all rights reserved by the author.
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