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Of Simple Things
by Donald A. Ready

When first we speak of simple things;
of cosmic songs and dragon's wings,
Then, perchance, to dream of you and I,
'neath watchful moons and painted skies.

The centerpiece of fantasy;
The world in tune for you and me.

A simple word can spark a flame,
and fires burn without a name.
No label needs this fledgling blaze,
defenses fall, let walls be razed.

Into the breach I sail again;
forgetting past, forgoing pain.

With distance great and words so small,
it hardly feels you're here at all.
Yet, in my heart, you're near to me,
and in my mind your face I see.

Let others have their close-knit tie;
your thoughts and words shall get me by.

In my mind, my thoughts cry out,
my heart doth weep, emotions shout.
Yet, laughter falls on soundless ears,
unseeing eyes cry brittle tears.

And in these things I do find peace;
this fragile state my life's new lease.

Unfeeling hands do grip and strain,
to feel the body beyond the name,
And passions deep do glow and burn,
and burst ablaze at fate's sweet turn.

From blessed pauper a prince doth turn;
but only when of love he's learned.

So, on we speak of simple things,
of lessons learned and gilded rings.
And if I dream of you and I,
'neath warming sun and cloudless sky.

Then in my dreams your face I see;
and all is right with the world and me.
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Poem ID: 81570   Poem Posted: 7/21/2005
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Copyright , 10/21/03, Donald Albert Ready  all rights reserved by the author.
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