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Hayley P.
by Luke Joseph Albone

I lay all-alone in my dark room,
Thoughts of worries about you.
I try my best to think you are ok,
So that I may see you yet one more day.

We knew it would be tough,
But, yet, it seems like its getting tougher.
If only I had one wish,
To be with you forever.

You have no idea,
The extent of my love for you.
My heart skips every second beat,
As long as I?m with you.

There?s not one thing I can think of,
That I wouldn?t do for you.
To the opposite ends have the world and back,
Just to show that I am for you.

We are alike in so many ways,
But opposite in many, too.
My love for you is just so strong,
I know it could never be broken.

Your beauty is like a soft rose petal,
Your support is so uplifting.
I am thankful each day for what I now have,
And pray that it will never be taken.

As I lay in my dark room,
And think of the girl in my dreams,
I long for your touch, your kiss, your smile,
Your soft but firm caress.
So please, baby girl, stay strong with me,
And never give up on us.
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Poem ID: 87219   Poem Posted: 11/30/2008
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Copyright , 26/11/2008, Luke Joseph Albone  all rights reserved by the author.
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