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     Love is a magical song
  carried on a summer's breeze;
   It dances under rays of sun
  and whispers through the trees.

   Love can be a thunderstorm
   with dazzling bolts of light;
   Traveling on a mystic wind,
  it takes your heart to flight.

Love is walking through the leaves
 that crackle 'neath your shoes;
    on a blust'ry autumn day
  love's reddish-golden hues.

  Love is the sparkling white
    of freshly fallen snow;
 Envelops you in snowflake kisses
      'neath the mistletoe.

   Love is a delicate flower
    blooming in your soul;
 It opens up to touch your heart
  and leaves you feeling whole.

Love is sparked by a lover's touch
    then turns a roaring fire;
 The passion burns inside us all
     if we give in to desire.
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Poem ID: 8450   Poem Posted: 10/14/1998
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Copyright , OCT 98, TERYCK VERTRON TAYLOR  all rights reserved by the author.
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