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Wind of life
by Robert James Lavery

To be there at the beginning
The first to hold a hand,
See that light in their eyes.
To see them walk, talk,
Hear their first words 
Directed at you.

This being you helped create,
This miracle of life.
What joy it will give you.
How it will break your heart.
This is a relationship you created.
You thought you were in control.
We were merely following 
the winds of life.

To be there at the end.
The last to hold her hand.
See the light fade from her eyes
No longer able to walk, talk,
Hear her last words
Directed at you.

Those words not spoken,
For she didn?t have strength.
Yet, those words I heard.
?I know you love me?
?Don?t leave me?
I could never leave you.
I will always be near.

These relationships you created.
Following the winds of life.
I thought I controlled the boat.
I know now the winds controlled me.
I went were they took me.
Friendly shores or foul.
But she was sailing with me.

How could so much love
Come from one person.
How could so many lives
Be touched by her.
How could such a hole be created
When she left my life.

As each one was torn from me.
The fabric of my soul was rent in two.
It will never mend properly.
The patch will always be there.
The pain does not go away.
It?s merely hidden from the light of day.
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Poem ID: 86549   Poem Posted: 4/21/2007
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Copyright , 2006, Robert James Lavery  all rights reserved by the author.
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