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Thank You For Being You
by Sarah M. Finley

Through good times and bad,
You were there for me,
When I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel,
You showed it to me,
When I felt life was too overwhelming,
You telepathically took me in your arms 
and told me it would be alright.

When I thought I didn't have the courage,
You showed me I did,
When I thought I wasn't worthy of anything,
You showed me differently,
When I swore I didn't have the strength to go on,
You gave me the strength.

You are my angel sent from above,
You are my dream come true,
You are the lover I always fantansized about,
You are the king of my world,
And you are my knight in shining armor.

You lighten my life,
You fill my heart with happiness,
My soul with love,
You complete me,
You were the piece I was missing in this puzzle that we call life.

I just want to thank you for being who you are,
For loving me, even when I act ridiculous,
For understanding me and my faults,
And, for being the greatest friend and love of my entire life.

For my Prince Charming, Sam, 
who has shared all my pain and sorrows, 
and also all my happiness and love.  
For him I am truly thankful.
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Poem ID: 4059   Poem Posted: 5/2/1998
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Copyright , April 30, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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