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Heads- you lose; Tails- you lose
by   Eurlantae

So, you've found your perfect match.
You've got the perfect catch.
A one, so very wonderful
No wonder you're so cheerful

But there's a hitch
A rotten glitch
A cross you've carried
It's called... MARRIED
(But not to you)

You feel you're caught in a wonderful snare
When the one you love and the one you care
Comes to you in a moment of bliss 
With you, alone, to share a kiss

You know it is Right, you know it is True
The love you have given and is given to you
The purloined moments, so brief and rare
Are a prelude to the life you dare

But, this game of deceit has one result
It's the nature of the game and it's, also, Your fault
You may lose to the one, at Home, who is constant and true
To the one who is blameless and trusting and who...

Believes in commitment and holds to the vows
That are the truest test this life allows
If the object of your twisted 'love' thinks again
And to hearth and home eventually bends...


But... there's the other chance... the chance you seek
The first is a lie, for the hesitant and weak
You are strong and you're true (to the one who is not)
You have commitment and sacrifice (to remove your doubt)

You may win what you seek and take home the Prize
You may start a new life and forget all the lies
But, the 'Prize' is a person who you should not trust 
Unless you are blind to the hair that seems mussed

To the coming home late, to the cryptic calls, answered
To the faraway looks? (could there be an enchanter)
For, you've caught a Cheater to build a new life 
You've got a "Catch"? and now YOU'RE the husband or wife

There's no way around it
There's no way through 
It's a forgone conclusion
No matter what you do...

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Poem ID: 6130   Poem Posted: 7/6/1998
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