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Life Without You
by peddabrahmarakshasi sarvabhakshaki gudiyajee

There is no change

  Sun is rising in the east
  Nature is giving a feast
  Waters flow, winds blow
  Stars glow, flowers blossom
  Birds sing in the distant woods

There is no change

  Streets are crowded 
  People are busy
  Someone achieves something in some field
  Many people are born, many people die
  Many people marry, many people divorce

There is no change

  I could laugh, I could weep
  I could eat, I could sleep
  I could sing, I could dance

There is no change

But... my heart, which reacts to everything
Ceased giving  response to anything...
What I lost is interest and hope
  I am looking, but can't see
  I am speaking, but don't mean
  I am sleeping, but can't dream
  I am  hearing, but won't listen
  I am walking, but without direction
  I am now a broken heart with a barren mind
 Except fot these, life without you, Dear...

There is no change
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Poem ID: 63717   Poem Posted: 8/4/2001
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Copyright , 26/07/2001, peddabrahmarakshasi sarvabhakshaki gudiyajee  all rights reserved by the author.
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