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Winter's Night
by Catherine Mary Somerville

Jack Frost painted the glass tonight,
Thick swirls of sparkle in cool moonlight.
Silken crystals widely spread
Blocking the black night from my bed.

I laid snuggled under blanketed sea 
And watched the artist paint for me.
His brush, his unseen tongue, lick?d pane
East and west and back again.

The windowsill awash with snow
Above the twinkling stars aglow.
I wondered... as I lay awake, unheld, silently
I wondered... ?Did you send him here for me??

Did your fingers trace a hug in the icy paint?
Did your kisses glitter in moonlit crystals, faint?
Did you send him here tonight,
To make me feel it will be all right?			
Did you send him here to stay
To comfort me and kiss tears away?

I wondered in this night, so silvery blue,
Did you lie awake lonely too?
Longing for a willing heart to hold 
Mind filled with hopes of passion told

Of you and I and ardor of the mind.
Lust, yet sweetness, tender, kind.
Visions, tastes, intense clear feeling
Pulses quicken, passions reeling.

Did I take you in, make you feel whole
Drink in the fire that rages in your soul?
Tell me... as you lay in this winter's night-glow
Is this a woman I must know?
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Poem ID: 10633   Poem Posted: 2/3/1999
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Copyright , Nov 96, Catherine Mary Somerville  all rights reserved by the author.
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