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Remembering What I Lost
by   Amenekko

Chocolate gummi bears always seemed to taste better
from your mouth,
sweet gooey pleasure, 
sugar on our lips pressed soulfully together. 


racing down the highway laughing recklessly
I saw
your eyes glint devilishly
as wild wind
caressed me, so free,


I tried to hold on
as everything disintegrated, tears carved my heart,
I was helpless to act
as you and I faded
I don't know what happened
I don't know how I lost it

The divine taste of your 
chocolate kisses
The flying joy 
of our racing trysts...


it's only traces
I hold your hand, but 
just  a shade of happiness
remains... remembered, and cherished,
but lost to the present.
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Poem ID: 6815   Poem Posted: 8/13/1998
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Copyright , August 3, 1998, Amenekko  all rights reserved by the author.
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