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Raven-haired Lover
by Robert Louis Arehart

Raven-haired lover, so dear and so warm,
  cling to me tightly - unfurl all your charm.
Darkling, yet radiant - wild, gentle, serene -
  Beneath all your cover - a mystery unseen.

Fantastic, delightful, emotional creature -
  Love's "vessel of bon-bons", a quadruple feature.
Shy and retiring - wild as March gusts.
  Playful, deceitful - harbinger of trust.

Deceiver of minions - not used to her ways,
  my senses arousing as coyly she plays -
upon my emotions - a lightning-hot glance...
  thrills and enthralls me - I haven't a chance.

Beckoning, spurning - just one step ahead.
  A hunt run too swiftly - prey, skillfully led.
Turning, retraceing - triumphant when caught
  Proud and submissive - a purchase well-bought!
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Poem ID: 9114   Poem Posted: 4/13/2000
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